CROSS is a mobile phone brand which is produced by using European standard technology. The standard proves that CROSS now is certified CE (Conformité Européenne) confirming CROSS products have fulfilled the European standard. From the product line perspective, CROSS has a wide-ranging product types such as chatting phone, multimedia phone, TV phone, and stylish phone, with one of its prominent product is the 3-SIM card slot mobile phone

The way to communicate the relatively new products, market-clutter, and the keep-budding new brands have enlarged the challenge faced by CROSS in Indonesian phone market. Furthermore, the fact that a mobile phone is now only recognized by product features instead of by the brand has become a particular problem to be answered by CROSS

The first thing CROSS does is to build a brand image, thus it can be recognized well by the consumers. Then, the next step is to raise the “proud” feeling when they use it. The tagline “It’s Your Pride” can construct CROSS as the pride on everyone’s hands. On the other hand, product’s USP, which is CROSS as the first mobile phone to have a European standard quality, can be communicate to indicate CROSS quality

To communicate the message, CROSS comes out through the image-centered TVC as the first European standard mobile phone. In addition to it, the campaign continues to other media, such as print ads, launching event, and exhibitions. The continuous campaign is also bringing the same message “CROSS. It’s Your Pride.”

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