Merah Putih

Merah Putih is a domestic towel brand that puts the image and quality as its main focus. . Made from raw materials derived from 100% cotton, Merah Putih has a high absorbency and soft texture. Merah Putih towel is dedicated exclusively for the middle to lower consumers, which makes the price relatively affordable for the Indonesian people.

The main problem to be faced by Merah Putih is the towel market condition itself. The recent market condition indicates that towel is not differentiated by its brand, especially in middle to lower consumers. Another challenge faced by Merah Putih is how to communicate brand and product benefits at the same time.

The first thing to do by Merah Putih is to raise awareness in consumers’ minds about the importance of brand and trusted quality of towels. To reach the goal, Merah Putih, which is a domestic product, is positioned in the market as The Towel of Indonesian Family (Handuk Keluarga Indonesia) with its excellent and reliable quality.

To educate the consumers, Merah Putih holds various campaign both Above The Line and Below The Line campaigns, including television commercial, print advertisements, launching event, gathering events, PR activities, as well as POPs.