One of Panasonic Corporation division is Panasonic telecommunication products with its worldwide quality reputation. Panasonic telecommunication series, includes telephones, fax machines, CCTV, and also Multi Funcion Product, has gained various awards and achievements as the best telecommunication products both for office use and home use, as well as home industries

Panasonic telecommunication series is a market leader among its related products. Nevertheless, the emergence of competitors makes Panasonic telecommunication series has to continue to maintain the image brand that has been built so far

In order to maintain Panasonic brand image, it needs the effort of brand maintenance to make the consumers keep loyal to Panasonic products. Communicating new products with their latest features, holding some promos, and making the service better become some of the important efforts to do to maintain the brand.

In communicating its new products to the consumers, Panasonic uses print advertisements as the main effort, along with their regular placements in related press media. Besides, billboards and other POS materials, like flyer, agenda, and banner, can help the communication conducted by Panasonic.

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