Shinyoku is one of the established brands of energy saving lamp in Indonesia. It has one year warranty, which make Shinyoku has a better quality. Seeing from its products, Shinyoku has a varied range of products not only the shape but also the wattage. Shinyoku will keep trying to give the best to all consumers by producing the high quality domestic products

As the pioneer of guaranteed lamps, Shinyoku with its benefits needs to be communicated accurately to the consumers. Nevertheless, to be in the crowded market with many competitors around, Shinyoku needs extra efforts to get consumers attention and furthermore to gain brand image and awareness

The primary thing to do to communicate Shinyoku as a high quality energy saving lamp is to keep educating the consumers, thus it enables Shinyoku to gain brand awareness in the consumers’ minds. After awareness gained, Shinyoku then concentrates on its brand image. As a result, it eventually makes Shinyoku to achieve numerous awards such as The Most Recommended Brand 2010 and Superbrands Indonesia’s Choice 2010

To execute the marketing strategy, Shinyoku presents various regular promotions to both the consumers and distributors, accompanied by ATL campaign, such as television commercials and print ads. Furthermore, Shinyoku often holds some events, especially supporting Indonesia’s tourism

endeecom shinyoku

endeecom shinyoku