Sunco is a cooking oil brand that has gone through 5 times making process, which is 2 times filtration and 3 times refinement process. The process has made Sunco more liquid and has higher quality than any other cooking oil brands. As a high quality cooking oil, Sunco’s quality can be proven through an organoleptic test by drinking it. The test will give a result that Sunco cooking oil feels like water, tasteless and watery, as well as gives no itch and doesn’t stick the esophagusconfused and have no idea how to choose the best cooking oil for them

Sunco has a mission to educate consumers on how to choose the high quality cooking oil. It is based on the fact that there are a lot of consumers, especially mothers, who feel confused and have no idea how to choose the best cooking oil for them

Sunco, with its communication message that cooking oil can be tested by drinking it, needs a continuous education to the consumers so that the message can be understood well by them. The appointment of public figure as Sunco’s endorser gives a significant contribution to the effort, which makes the consumers trust Sunco’s quality

Sunco advertisement is mostly executed via ATL media, which is television commercial that’s aired regularly by highlighting its product benefits communicated by the endorser. In addition, the event activities are also routinely held to make Sunco closer to its consumers