The Prestige of European Heritage



We understand that Cross  explore the new  challenges of market space, learn to map emerging demands and in the same time, Endeecomm discovers a way to create rhythm and how to maximize its power.



By seeing the consumers’ behavior, we might see  things ifferently.Endeecomm smartly tickles the ego and at the same time develops the proud of what really matters to them. The result is unbeatable competitive advantage through conveying the prestige and a class apart by having owned a European standard product namely CE (Conformité Europeenne)

We immensely articulate the positioning of the product by European standard handphone. Furthermore, Cross maintain its global tone and manner by  employing Caucasian models and English language. Thanks to our vast network, the brand is able to build customer affinity through media and channel integration, network marketing and the alignment of events, exhibition and top rating sponsorship programs such as Indonesian Idol, X-Factor as well as make collaboration with Sanrio Hello Kitty to get in touch with younger demography market.



With Endeecomm  horoughly well-planned approach, we effectively unlock the real value of its brand and improves its   customer connections and perception. Cross records the groundbreaking deals and achieve an astonishing sales growth of 1 to 2 million units per-month  in its feature phone and smartphone category.

Features phones becomes Cross initial starting point prior entering the market of producing smart phones.Endeecomm brings Cross take leaps of imagination in order to achieve the breakthrough solutions by injecting “CE Certification”, and communicate it as the main message.

Furthermore, we address its entire product has met and fulfilled the rigorous European standard – the one of its kind in locally-made gadget category.