Endee 360 Communications Strategy

Endee 360’ Communication Strategy

We are focused on brand strategy, data, and creativity


3 Main Strategic Steps

Consumer Research

Consumer Research is the foundation to get a meaningful relevant insight. We need a grassroot insight to capture the audience’s paint points and desires.

Marketing Analyze

Marketing Analyze gives us a strategic corridor in which our strategy will role play. This analyze ensures the effectiveness and efficiency of the strategy once its being implemented.

Communication Creation

Combining all the analysis and insights from various angles make the high accuracy of our communication strategy making. The goal is always to answer unfulfilled needs and desires of consumers by taking client’s products and services to the next level.


360° Communication Strategy




Our Best Works

Endee 360’


Endee 360’ Communication Strategy

An Integrated Communication focused on brand strategy and giving the highest impact campaign.


Endee Creative

We pour out our limitless creativity for the future of your business.


Endee Media Specialist

We provide your media campaign with creative and make it stand out.


Endee Digital

Every audience journey has a different tension and we ensure the tension will get the right message, in the right content, with the right channel.”

E-Commerce Enabler


Your reliable e-commerce enabler partner to grow your brands needs, ensuring a smooth and seamless customers’ journey.

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Team Endee Digital - Nicko Rizfyanda

Digital Strategic Manager

Nicko Rizfyanda

I am a digital marketer who has worked with various clients of multinational brands, local brands, and government institution with more than 10 years experience in marketing communication. I have a big passion for brand development and digital media acceleration. For now, I am building a digital marketing strategy, managing brand project campaigns, and growing the digital company that I hold.