No Drop

Prevention is Better Than Sorry



We take clue in the adage:
prevention is better than sorry in a reflective way, have emotional impact, easy to say and recall and imparting positive feelings.



We always stay open-minded and ensure that interpretation from real insight is fact-based rather than embracing any assumption or assertion.



The catchy and contagious messages are stick in people’s mind, so quickly passed on and contributed the increase of sales by 28% and boost up the brand awareness by 200%.


We take further steps to add value by adding thesequence of below the line activities in order to deliver the prepositions, to turn promise into reality, to engage the customer and bring the brand to life by using a ‘fake’ umbrella made with fabric but we coated it with No Drop. Hence the customer could experience its direct benefit under the rain.

The distinctive step brings recognition and Endee was awarded Indonesia’s Most Experiential Brand Activation Award from IXMarketing Communication magazine in 2016.