For years Sunco has been existing in the market, but its share is dominated by Bimoli, Tropical, Filma, and Sania. 


Bring Sunco’s awareness stronger in the market.


  • Sales Growth
  • Top 4 of Top Brand Index

Sunco’s Key Message:

Sunco, Minyak Goreng Baik, Paling Bening, #DikiiittNempelDiMakanan

What it means:

This message is so strong that people remember the tone they hear from the pronunciation of “Dikiiitt”. Consumer believes that the less fried oil in their food, the healthier it is. We create a unique experience in the ad that Sunco can be drank to prove it is good and safe for human. And not just that, we also prove that Sunco is more liquid like water, more transparent, and still have better colors and texture after being used several times. Many moms testify on the better after usage of Sunco compared to other brands.

Sunco’s Campaign:

  • We started it off by launching a Press Conference with notable nutritionist and Brand Ambassadors Christian Sugiono and Titi Kamal.
  • We create a creative and fresh TV Commercial with #DikiiittNempelDImakanan theme.
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  • We do media placement in TV Station with high and relevant TV Program 
  • We sponsor Master Chef on RCTI 
  • We do Digital Marketing., Social Media, and Influencers Marketing to amplify Sunco’s awareness 
  • We also do several unique Brand Activations like #TakjilImpor and #LemariBaik


It is the most viral brand activation that has earned more than 5 million views from various earned media. Our idea is to create a unique but relevant message for the Hari Sumpah Pemuda 28 Oktober 2018. At the time, Indonesia had a relatively tense political situation that divides society. Sunco as Minyak Goreng Baik wants to prove that Indonesian young people still have good values in them which are Bersatu dan Gotong Royong.

So, we create #LemariBaik filled with fried foods that only can be opened with each tribal language of the word “Makanan Saya Dimana?”

Many organic participants talked to the #LemariBaik and after all languages are done, the #LemariBaik opens and all participants can eat and take photo together.

Sunco’s Campaign:

  • Twitter Trending Topic in upon the launching in 2018
  • Earning more than 5.000.000 Views of #LemariBaik from various medias
  • Earning more than 22.000 shares in social media
  • Earning more than 5.000 comments in social media
  • Earning Media Value of 7.4 Billion IDR
  • Achieving Return on Investment 3.000 %
  • Sunco is Top 4 of Top Brand Index 2020

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Team Endee Digital - Nicko Rizfyanda

Digital Strategic Manager

Nicko Rizfyanda

I am a digital marketer who has worked with various clients of multinational brands, local brands, and government institution with more than 10 years experience in marketing communication. I have a big passion for brand development and digital media acceleration. For now, I am building a digital marketing strategy, managing brand project campaigns, and growing the digital company that I hold.