The Real Competition between David v Goliaths


Advan Indonesia



Advan is an iconic local brand of smartphone, tablet, notebook and through the years Advan enriches its brand architecture with IoT products for smart homes.

Advan has always been the toughest local tech brand that is hard to beat even with the giant players surrounding it like Samsung, Oppo, Xiaomi, Real Me, Vivo, Asus. Many local smartphone and tablet brands have already given up the market, but Advan keeps showing its teeth and hence have its own segment that is loyal. 

The question is, how does Advan do that?


Surrounded by global and giant players of tech product, how does Advan can thrive and strongly positioned itself in the market?


  • Sales Growth and Sustainability
  • Market Share and Sustainability

What we do:

  1. Find the right insight
    We realize that middle-lower segment of Indonesian people needs a gadget that has the right specifications for their daily use, a looked alike design with the flagship brands, a hard sell communication and the right advertising channel.

  2. Create a suitable product with cool design
    We guide the R&D to find the most suitable spec for daily use and cool design. What the consumer wants is to buy an affordable gadget that is not spec-overkill, and still can look cool with you using it.

  3. Hard sell communication
    Different market segment requires different approach for they are all have different behavior towards the products. A lower, less educated market needs a simple and straight communication. Advan has been communicating with such framework in minds that every time it really captures the heard and minds of the audienes

  4. The Right Advertising Channel
    Advan is a brand that shapes consumer’s minds by making their surrounding filled with Advan’s presence. From Conventional to digital marketing Advan has always been there to convince consumers and earn trust from them.

Advan’s Campaign throughout the years:

  • Along with many products, we create many Key Visuals, Packagings, and Product Taglines.
  • Launching many TV Commercials and Youtube Videos.
  • Co-Branding with Barcelona Football Team .
  • Sponsorhip at with Miss Indonesia 
  • Sponsorship at Rising Star 
  • We do media placement in TV Station with high and relevant TV Program 
  • We do Digital Marketing, Social Media, and Influencers Marketing to amplify Advan’s awareness 


  1. IDC Top 3 Best Smartphonw In Indonesia 
  2. IDC Top 1 Best Tablet in Asia Pacific 

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Team Endee Digital - Nicko Rizfyanda

Digital Strategic Manager

Nicko Rizfyanda

I am a digital marketer who has worked with various clients of multinational brands, local brands, and government institution with more than 10 years experience in marketing communication. I have a big passion for brand development and digital media acceleration. For now, I am building a digital marketing strategy, managing brand project campaigns, and growing the digital company that I hold.