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Endee Digital's Squad

Team Endee Digital - Nicko Rizfyanda

Digital Strategic Manager

Nicko Rizfyanda

I am a digital marketer who has worked with various clients of multinational brands, local brands, and government institution with more than 10 years experience in marketing communication. I have a big passion for brand development and digital media acceleration. For now, I am building a digital marketing strategy, managing brand project campaigns, and growing the digital company that I hold.

Team Endee Digital - Mardian Rinaldi

Digital Marketing Manager

Mardian Rinaldi

I am a full stack digital marketer with more than five years experience in Digital Agency, Service Company, & Information Technology Industry. Specialized increasing sales / revenue by combining data science and marketing trends, making sure marketing is worth the investment. Experienced in leading and maintaining a digital marketing team with strong leadership, delivered brief, and executed digital strategy with data driven to increase ROI and Sales.

Team Endee Digital - Rizka Nahriah

Sr Digital Planner

Rizka Nahriah

Hard work is a must 

Work according to deadlines is a must…

But work must be based on happiness, to generate crazy creativity!

If work is a burden, how can you make yourself happy?

Team Endee Digital - Rifky Rahman Dwiputra

Digital Ads

Rifky Rahman Dwiputra

Data, advertising strategies, A/B testing, and funneling, are some things in digital marketing that can stress you out.

Stress makes you bald, but avoiding stress is stressful, so you end up stressed out anyway. In the end, there’s nothing you can do.

Except… You hire us :)

Team Endee Digital - Rosi Aprilia

Digital Otimizer

Rosi Aprilia

Digital Marketing got me particularly interested as I knew the growth opportunities for each channel in it. Sometimes, I’m puzzled with my own tracking dashboard, but I think that’s the art of being a Digital Optimizer. Everyday is a new challenge for me to deal with, but I’m always (trying my best to be) ready for it.

Team Endee Digital - Haviz Enggar

Full Stack Web Developer

Haviz Enggar

A lucky guy with a passion for technology and design made himself a web developer. Let’s be friends and talk about absurd things!

Team Endee Digital - Theo Ambarita

Social Media Lead

Yahya Glory Theo Ambarita

I am a Social Media Lead with rich experience leading various social media projects, activation, campaign monitoring, and social media auditing across diverse industries. 

I excel in resolving social media challenges with innovative solutions and process improvement to achieve the social media KPI which lead to the success of clients’ business objectives.

Team Endee Digital - Karina Satriana Putri

Social Media Specialist

Karina Satriana Putri

Working in the Creative industry requires me to think fast and adapt really quickly to changes. I like being challenged and allowed to learn about new things to extend my knowledge that might be useful for upcoming projects.

I am a fun person and I try to make all my tasks a fun thing to do. I might be an ordinary person, but I know I can create extraordinary things together alongside my teams!

Team Endee Digital - Zulfikri Akbar

Social Media Specialist

Zulfikri Akbar

Hallo, fikri here! Born to be an awesome content-man. Pride myself on captivating storytelling, bringing the extraordinary to content marketing and generating ideas that make people talk. Every brand needs a story, and every brand needs to tell that story. So proud to be part of the brand, be something behind the brand. As a Social Media Specialist don’t try so hard to reach your limit, but always do extra miles and love your job.

Team Endee Digital - Like Octavia

Social Media Specialist

Like Octavia

 Driven by social media, I maintain daily activity and social interaction across all social media platforms. When I have more free time, I spend it keeping up with reading the latest trends.

I have a passion for social media because it’s an effective tool for connecting people, and I’m an inherently social person. I enjoy communicating and developing positive relationships with consumers of different backgrounds, and also thrive when executing social media campaigns – regardless of the target demographic.

Team Endee Digital - Priskidina Vice Juniora

Content Writer

Priskidina Vice Juniora

I’m a creative thinker who likes to explore alternative solutions to problems, and I have an open mind about what will work best. And I also enjoy crafting messages that speak to, connect with and motivate people.

Every day I am learning to create and allow the space between where I am and where I want to be. I know I am still far away from the best, but I can guarantee you, I am your friendly copywriter.

Team Endee Digital - Khairunisa Kinasih

Content Writer

Khairunisa Kinasih

Words matter. In fact, it is one of the most significant ways we differentiate from other living creatures. We communicate through meaningful words. Crafting a perfectly-worded content is a passion of mine that I take very seriously. Let me into your brand idealism and I’ll create meaningful stories for your audience to connect with.

Team Endee Digital - Ronald Surjadjaja

Art Director

Ronald Surjadjaja

Hello! I am a simple person who is easy to get along with and open-minded. I always look for a solution to every problem and take responsibility for my work. So! Find me and let’s get in touch!

Team Endee Digital - Rizky Iskandar

Sr Graphic Designer

Rizki Iskandar

A true geek when it comes to anime, music & movies, Rizki speaks through his designs with the idea of communication as the center of every dot, line, shape, color, composition, and idea. Rizki is also one to believe that every form of design, graphic, interior, fashion, and all there is to design.

Team Endee Digital - Aditya Pratama

Sr Graphic Designer

Aditya Pratama

I’m a simple man with creative energy, a wide vision of life, and open to every opinion on every subject. But I’m too lazy to do anything, and I’m grateful for everything I have. No worries, I can make you all design you desires. You can depend on me as your friendly Designer.

Team Endee Digital - Raey Fernanda

Graphic Designer & Video Editor

Raey Fernanda

 Heylo! I’m Raey Farnanda, a young and fun person into creative visuals, especially in Graphic Design and Video Content with Pushing beat music, wiggles and a cup of coffee!

Team Endee Digital - Ahmad Zaini

Content Creator

Ahmad Zaini

I’m a visionary of art. Everything I do is give a different perspective about what people see; a content creator who has a creative mind and an open mind about everything, motivated to become the best and trying to make sure of it.

Team Endee Digital - Charissa Nadia

Content Creator

Charissa Nadia

I’m Charissa Nadia, a young professional and passionate in video making, especially in videography and creating content. 

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