Move Up the Ladder by Elevating
the Local Wisdom



Complex markets, intense competition, expectant consumers due to perception that local brands are inferior, require more intelligent communication solutions to identify the best opportunities and beat competitors in smarter ways.



Constantly reshaping the markets where you start makes a big difference to what you see. Advan requires a view point on the potential landscape and how the brand engage with it via affordable high technology utilizing a direct and hard-sale communication message and utilize well-known and respectable persona such as famous Indonesian Celebrities as brand endorsers.

Moreover, Endeecomm raise the bar higher by using the popular face of international soccer champion FC Barcelona, that becomes a synchronize campaign consisting of ATL, BTL, PR and digital platform.

 In seeking to enhance brand equity, Endeecomm also build a good relationship with Advan distributors to address the vision and mission. 



The full house venue is of course a success achievement as the idea can be made reality. 

We fully realize that implementation cannot be a standard process in competitive markets. It requires constant rethinking and creativity. As marketing gets more multi-faceted, more individualized and more complex itself, then integration matters. Finally, the sales target is proudly achieved and Makita remains number one in powered-tools category.

Move Up the Ladder by Elevating the Local Wisdom

Finna Food and Endeecomm has cooperatively administered the communications strategy for various Finna Food prawn crackers. Along the way, Finna Food decide to promote its own chili-prawn paste called Uleg, yet it’s a tough challenge as the market has been flooded with many players. 

Uleg Sambal Terasi brings back a fond memories of a typical homemade chili and shrimp paste with fresh ingredients.